Appraisal services for current & future property owners are now available to our clients through our partnership with TOM ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES. We have used this company in the past to help determine fair market value for properties you may own or are interested in purchasing.

TOM ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES, as a MN Licensed residential real estate property appraising firm, specializes in the appraising of residential real estate. We have found it most beneficial to have an actual licensed appraiser to help determine pricing of properties you have an interest in.

TOM ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES has also assisted our clients as well as other realtors, mortgage people, banks, & private citizens in property valuations for many reasons such as: property valuation questions, estate planning, bankruptcy, tax disputes, divorce proceedings, & other valuation questions & disputes.

Feel free to contact them through our office
or directly at:

TOM ANDERSEN & ASSOC. PHONE:763-757-1559 EMAIL: [email protected]